About Leigh Payne

I’m originally from Texas and grew up moving all around as the daughter of a Department of Justice Senior Executive Service official. Currently I’m serving in the toughest and most rewarding position in the US military – Army wife and mother! As you could imagine, I’ve spent my entire life moving around and traveling to all different parts of our great nation and experiencing a variety of cultures, climates and people. All these moves and travels afforded me the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects with a diverse customer base using various media for a geographically dispersed clientele.

I took my formal artistic education at Faulkner State College in Alabama and started full time graphic design work in 2007 on projects for restaurants, newspapers, radio stations, magazines and other commercial businesses. I’ve also donated my time and services tor charitable foundations, military units and non-profit organizations.

I currently reside in Richmond Hill, GA as my husband is the 3ID Division Engineer . I enjoy meeting my clients face to face but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Thankfully with today’s technology that isn’t always necessary. Our Client base ranges from Boston to California and extends overseas. We are a small group with each of our own skill sets that come together to give our clients 100%. As Creative Director, my main role is creating the visual. Paula Rodriguez  is my design associate.  Our goal is to provide you with the best work at the most affordable prices. When you need that website, logo or print product on time, within budget and of fine quality just call me. No matter where you live, what type of business or budget you have, we look forward to serving your needs.